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2012: Walkthrough

Another walkthrough, this time 10 minutes before we left in darkness, so you can't see very much. This was recorded in early November 2012.

2011: CBC News

In October, Norma Jean MacPhee and Frank King came to the cabin to record segments for CBC television and radio. Here they are:

Living the Dream...

2010: My Digital Revolution

Jon prepared a short film about building the cabin for the Digital Revolutions category of Sheffield Doc/Fest.

My Digital Revolution

Our thanks to Rob MacLean for kindly providing the music for this video.

2010: Walkthrough

Jon filmed a 4-minute walk around the cabin after building had finished in October 2010.

2009: MacGyver

Three Men and a Log has been inspired by MacGyver from the outset, partly in its application of improvised solutions to unexpected problems based on Science, but mostly in its reliance on duct tape as a building material of first resort.

This year, as a tribute to Jon's hero, Ed put together a small homage to MacGyver starring this year's team.


2006: Village Idiocy

Old-skool videos from 2006, when the log walls were being constructed. They've been encoded using the H.264/MPEG 10-4 codec, which is installed with VLC. If you're still not using VLC at this point, then you doubtless have much bigger problems in your life than playing a couple of videos on some website. But you're not missing much: they're unedited, poorly scripted, and very short.

  • Wang: a quick demonstration of how we got each log into roughly the right place, using only a Hyundai hatchback, a handful of pulleys and 50 metres of broken rope. (MP4, 5MB)
  • Over the wall: a demonstration of the total lack of precision of the above technique, and how easily it can drop things in the wrong place if you hit the gas a bit too hard. (MP4, 5MB)
  • Teetering: Jon playing with wood, again. (MP4, 5MB)
images copyright 2004–15 oli stewart, dan hetherington, jon mcintosh, bex mcintosh, nicki goh, sally skinner, jo dakar and jane fielding. radio copyright 2011 cbc. newspaper article copyright 2011 halifax chronicle herald. video copyright 2006–12 ed owles, jon mcintosh, oli stewart, dan hetherington and cbc. painting copyright 2015 jack barker.