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Hello. Welcome to Three Men and a Log.

Three Men and a Log is a weblog about the building of a log cabin in Nova Scotia, Canada, undertaken by these people:

jon oli dan

It began in 2004 and has been more or less "complete" since late 2012 — at least by the standards of its resident chipmunks.

Update: October 2015. Jon's godson Jack accompanied Jon and Dan to repair the odd attention-seeking collapse, tidy up some rough corners and host a series of evening screenings of gritty, hard-hitting, and frankly graphic British drama.

Update: November 2012. In a couple of wintery weeks, Jon and Dan have finished off the kitchen, completed the remaining footwells, flooring and guttering, built a proper deck at the front, constructed an appropriately capacious toolbox and obtained a delightful picture of a Canadian Moose. Jon also performed his first ever Reverse Gattaca. We've recorded a quick walkthrough to summarise our achievements. And we've belatedly added some highlights from the Archive.

Update: October 2011. After a mere seven years we have finally been able to stay in what, if glimpsed briefly from 50 yards away in near-total darkness, might be mistaken for a house. With the help of Phil, Bex and Oli's mum Jane, the final prerequisites of modern living have been slotted into place: electricity, stairs, hot and cold running water, a sewage system and functioning kitchen. Embellishments, mostly for the purpose of showing off, include a new upstairs bedroom, an even newer upstairs-upstairs bedroom-thing, flooring in the bathroom, living room and kitchen, painted windows and gable ends, a few bits of guttering here and there and a bear-proof bin. And another year on, the kitchen cupboards still aren't finished.

Update: October 2010. This year the original team was augmented by Jo and Harry, and together we got an odd concoction of things done: the inside of the roof, a bathroom, internal walls and doors, wiring (including lights, radiators and sockets), plumbing (including hot water), a pump for juicy, juicy riverwater and a third of a kitchen. We've had one electrical inspection, which means power can be turned on once the kitchen is finished. And Jon's made two films: a walk through the cabin and a summary of the process for Sheffield Doc/Fest.

Update: August 2010. In our absence, we've had a holding tank installed, for poo.

Update: October 2009. After five years of tireless underground legwork, Three Men and a Log has finally burst into the mainstream, with an extensive cast, enlarged budget and even its very own spin-off movie. Alongside the original team, Bex, Phil, Rich, Nicki, Ed, Sally, Mairéad and Jude all made vital contributions to the construction work. Well, except for Jude. And progress was commensurate: the cabin is now fully chinked, with eight new windows and a second door, two decks, spiffy cladding on the inside of the gable ends and a ground floor. Excitingly, we also managed to beat our long-standing 2004 record by breaking two chainsaws in a single year.

Update: September 2008. Jon and Oli returned to River Denys to add a door and six windows, as well as cladding the gable ends with board and batten and relandscaping the site. Dan spent the same two weeks trying not to break European bureaucrats' faces with hammers. We have also purchased a new chainsaw.

Update: June 2007. We are back again, to make a feeble attempt to throw gable ends and a roof at the thing in the vain hope that some of them might not bounce back. Photos will probably dribble up a bit at a time. Oli is not here this time, though, he is too busy attending meetings and wearing ties. Poor Oli. This year Oli's replacement is Bex, who does far more washing up and generally mitigates the pit of filth that we usually like to inhabit. Well done, Bex.

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Pressing F11 might make the site look nicer. If anything's broken, please email webmaster [at] threemenandalog [dot] co [dot] uk. Thanks.

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